Since things haven't been so swell these days, such as Princess Krissi's doppleganger getting killed, and our judge's lost sandwich, I think it's time for a--


Come on, you know you want to~ Especially you, Larrio.

((Ahaha I have assessments this week but they only go for a few more days so I'll be super active soon!))

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Who is this Kristoph anyway?

Even though it goes against my rules, I feel that I should mention that my absence has nothing to do with the recent murder case.

I wander like a tomcat, but I mate like a swan--right Kitten?

[>.> blame Torchwood & RuneScape for my leave...and my DS to a extent...]


My apologies.

I have... neglected this courtroom and certain someones of late.

I was recently called away to Europe on business and though I did leave a notice with Detective Gumshoe to inform people of the matter, it looks like he didn't ...get around to putting it up for all to see. Suffice to say I am yet again left picking up the pieces and I shall see to it that his pay be delt with accordingly. I think I'll let somebody else handle such matters in the future.

So. Would anybody care to fill me in on any recent cases or happenings? I'll be in my office all day and probably well into the night..
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